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Canada Purple Shield Testimonials

We are very proud of the testimonials we receive from satisfied clients throughout the years. Below are a few examples of clients who’ve sent us a kind word or two.
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I have experienced using the Purple Shield Plan twice; once in 2007 when my Father passed away and again in 2014 when my Mother passed away. It was a great relief to know that they had provided us with financial assistance when we were in a grieving situation. We went into the Funeral Home not knowing what type of service to choose but when they brought out her Purple Shield file, all of their wishes were there in black and white. Because of this we have decided to help our children out as well and have taken out Purple Shield Plans.

— Ellen Patry, Grande Prairie, AB

It was nice to know Dad (Robert Micheal) thought enough of us to look after this ahead of time. We are honored and proud to know he made the effort. As kids, we are from all across the country and losing a loved one was hard enough without having to start all the planning upon arrival back in the Yukon.

— Doug Micheal, Grande Prairie, AB

My mother passed away at the age of 99. She purchased Purple Shield coverage around the age of 75. I was so impressed on how Purple Shield made sure that all of the funeral costs are covered without much effort on our part. There was even some money left over for us seven children. I would recommend that everyone get their own Purple Shield Plan.

— Bill Chauncey, Edmonton, AB

We were very satisfied with Purple Shield after the passing of both Mom and Dad. Everything was handled promptly and professionally with no added stress at this stressful time.

— Brian Morrow, Lloydminster, AB

In the fall of 2014 we lost our Father. We were relieved to find out that he had Purple Shield coverage and that all of the arrangements were taken care of by the local funeral home. We now have Purple Shield coverage to give our family peace of mind.

— Jim and Susan Roney, Spirit River, AB

A special thank you to Purple Shield for making life much easier at the time of both of our father and mother’s passing. The peace of mind knowing things were taken care of was such a blessing at this difficult time.

— Donna Suchan, St. Albert, AB

We were very pleased with Purple Shield. The payment was prompt for the funeral at Rose Garden Chapel. I recommend Purple Shield to all. The staff from Purple Shield was also excellent.

— Genevieve Manton, Westlock, AB

My husband Joe had his Purple Shield book all filled in so that when he passed away, all we had to do was give it to the Funeral Director and he took care of everything. We would recommend this plan to everyone.

— Edith Kawalchuk, Edson, AB

My Dad had a Purple Shield Plan. After he passed away the funeral home was paid directly and there was even money left over. From all of my experience with Purple Shield I was comfortable with taking out our own plan.

— Juanita Otto, Hinton, AB

My Grandfather recently passed away and he had the Purple Shield Plan which he purchased in 1991. It made the final arrangements much easier to complete. Being the Executrix of his Estate has shown me the value in pre-paying for your final expenses. That is why I have the Purple Shield Plan.

— Launa Anderson, Lethbridge, AB

My Mom and Dad had a Purple Shield Plan when they passed away. The funeral was paid for and we didn’t have to worry about paying for the funerals. I would like that for my children. Also, it was a great relief to know they had thought about us and the expenses. They were from Saskatchewan

— Valerie Doiron, Calgary, AB

I was really glad that we had Purple Shield when my husband Colin passed away. Everything was taken care of. He only had the plan for three years. I had to have his body shipped to Northern Alberta for the burial and Saamis Funeral Home took care of everything, including finding a minister up north. Between both Saamis and Purple Shield, I did not have to worry about anything. I feel everyone should have this wonderful plan.

— Dianna Mymko-Durk, Irvine, AB

Mom and Dad had Purple Shield at the time of their deaths. All expenses were paid quickly and there was not much left for us to do. After all expenses were paid there was even money left over.

— Donna Bodie, Airdrie, AB

My sister purchased Purple Shield. When she passed away it was a great peace of mind knowing that funeral expenses were taken care of and that we did not have to worry about it. They handled everything expertly and with great care for our family’s well-being.

— Kathryn McEachin, Red Deer, AB

My father recently passed away and he had the Purple Shield Plan. It was a real blessing to have the money for the funeral and to not have to worry about anything.

— Sharon Lebsack, High River, AB

Purple Shield was a great help at the time of my Mom and Dad’s passing (Ruth and Ralph Cave). I know their claims were paid promptly to Eventide Funeral Home. I would definitely recommend this Plan to others—that’s why Sonny and I have it.

— Audrey Pittendreigh, Caroline, AB

My Mother had a Purple Shield Plan. When she passed away, we called Personal Alternative and they handled everything promptly. They contacted Purple Shield and we had to arrange nothing. It was the thing ever – totally amazing! There was even money left over. I would recommend that everyone get a plan.

— Marjorie Benner, Alix, AB

Purple Shield was a life saver when my Mom passed away. It made everything so easy for our family. That is what triggered my wanting to purchase a Purple Shield Plan for my family now.

— MaryAnn Westgard, Medicine Hat, AB

Over the years I have had to take care of various funerals for family members. We chose to use Purple Shield to make it easier for our families when we pass. I want to leave with the thought of making this grieving time the easiest for my family and I want to be remembered with good memories, not hurtful. I highly recommend the Purple Shield Plan.

— Brian Patterson, Medicine Hat, AB

I feel that Purple Shield/Familyside really took the pressure off of us at the time our father’s passing. We are glad there is a company like Purple Shield/Familyside to take the financial worry away from the immediate family.

— Patricia Ferguson, Vauxhall, AB

Purple Shield was a great help to our family when Pat passed away. There was no financial burden on the family and the money was right there at Saamis Funeral Home to pay the bill. It relieved a lot of stress for our family and made it so much easier in our time of grief. I recommend Purple Shield to anyone who wants to help their family.

— Lois (Lou) Ray, Medicine Hat, AB

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